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About Us

UK's premier ingredients supplier

Garrett Ingredients provides the most comprehensive total ingredients service in the UK and is dedicated to helping and developing the industry.  The business was built through the sheer hard work of its founder, Alan Garrett, who keenly fostered relations with his customers, supplying core ingredients through reliable chains for fair prices. 

The business continues to operate with this ethos at its heart and responsibly navigates the changable conditions in the commodities market to ensure a continuity of service to its customers.

Our history

  • Garrett Ingredients Ltd was started by Alan Garrett, who became an agent for several national tinned food companies operating in the South West of England at the end of the second world war - a time when there were still desperate shortages.

  • Garrett Ingredients became part of Real Good Food plc. The management team moved the company forward to a position of strength, enabling it to operate as full stand alone business. 

  • The creation of a new in-house sales team dedicated to nurturing customer relations, supporting them through the buying process and supplying them with the ingredients they need to develop their businesses. 

  • We gained Agents & Brokers certification, giving additional security & confidence to our customers.

Our advantages

Why buy from Garrett Ingredients


  • Flexibility
  • Full variety of ingredients delivered from a single bag to full truckloads
  • Standard delivery within 3 working days
  • Special next-day delivery or collect options

Quality Assurance & Technical Expertise:

  • Product range always readily available
  • Continuity of supply
  • Products sourced only from audited and approved factories
  • Products supplied with comprehensive specifications and certification

Financial and Commercial Expertise:

  • Forward contracts or spot sales
  • Regular market updates provided
  • Assistance with recipe formulation
  • Continuity of supply