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  • Site surveys

    We conduct comprehensive technical audits of manufacturing sites as part of our on-going approval procedure for all products.

  • Technical audits

    We will supply technical audit reports for all manufacturing sites, giving our customers the depth of technical information required for their retailers and customers.

  • Fully certified

    We ensure that all manufacturers adhere to best business practices and have the requisite external certifications - BRC, ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher, Halal etc.

  • Understanding

    We deliver comprehensive specifications for each product supplied as agreed with manufacturers.

  • Customer support

    We continue to aid our customers with technical support, imparting expert advice and knowledge of the products.

  • Investors in growth

    We use our extensive industry experience and understanding to help position our clients for positive growth.

Did you know?

We can combine ingredients to suit your requirements.

Since the earliest trading days of Garrett Ingredients, we have upheld a reputation for supplying exactly what our customers require, whether that is on or off list.  While we maintain a comprehensive list of products that are readily available, we welcome opportunities to work with our customers to supply less common and bespoke ingredients combinations.

Our Technical Support team has unrivalled understanding and experience working with customers to create the right ingredients, be that small scale or bulk purchase; as a one off or continuous supply.

All the commodity ingredients we source are subject to fluctuations in availabilty, exchange rates, production forecasts and weather.  Garrett Ingredients keeps a watchful eye on all such influences and maintains continuous communication channels with its customers ensuring that ingredients can be supplied just when they are needed.


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Our Promises

  • Understanding markets

    We constantly monitor the international ingredients markets and regularly report our views.

  • Bespoke ingredients

    With our trade flexibility, we can make up combinations of ingredients to suit your needs.

  • National delivery

    We deliver to you through our efficient and reliable network with the shortest time available.

  • Social responsibilities

    We adhere to strict working practices that sees us sourcing ingredients responsibily and striving to reduce our impact where possible.